One needs 12-14 hrs fasting for Lipid profile. However water can be consumed.
With newer technologies fasting is not must for Thyroid and other assays unless Specified like Insulin Fasting
The post meal sugar called as PP ( POST PRANDIAL) has to be given after 1& HALF hours and upto 2 hrs after lunch.
Semen examination is done after abstinence of 2-6 days best possible 3-4 day. Sample preferably between morning 8 to evening 7 pm
During pregnancy when these tests are advised , kindly note that recent sonography Report, specific gestational age and other demographics like birth date and weight Are needed to be recorded .The blood test along with all above details generate A risk factor report for the foetus.
No. Sample for Hba1c can be given at any time irrespective of status of eating.

In instances of pregnancy usually the post glucose sample is taken after Consuming 50 gms of glucose pack in dissolved water, and giving blood And urine sample one and half to 2 hrs following it.

In other instances as per direction by physician 75 gms of sugar dissolved In water is consumed and sample obtained after one and half to 2 hours Afterwards.

Absolutely Not. In fact recent guidelines tell that urine sugar should not be treated As a part of diabetes management.

However in pregnancy urine sugar is more important.